The Best Travel gears you must have as a traveler

When traveling there are some items you must have and that includes all the accessories, gadgets and gears that will improve your flying and your travel experience. We have selected these items with care and we have left and few words review to get a better idea if your are interested to buy them. These items will make you feel more luxurious and makes your travel plan smarter.

Review: Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM is What Every Photographer Needs

The Canon RF 15-35 mm f/2.8 LI IS USM is the complete frame wide-angle zoom that demanding users of the R system have been excitedly awaiting. The lens provides a millimetre more range than the Canon EF 16-365 mm f/2.8 L USM III. And it has picture stabilization. And that is a first for an f/2.8 wide-angle zoom from canon.



The primary thing you will view about the Canon RF 15-35 mm f 2.8 is that it is a quite sizable lens. The lens weight is 1.85 lbs, but it balances well on the Canon EOS Ra. The lens has a 3.48 inches diameter and a length of 4.99 inches. The front element is huge. If you plan on using it with filters, set aside pretty money to buy some 82mm filters.

The Canon RF 15-35mm f.28 L IS USM is elegant and clean, and definitely, sports that vibrant red ring to point out that it is indeed an L series lens. The RF 15-35mm f2.8 L IS USM a Canon lens and that is a remarkable thing because Canon has arguably been making the top feeling lenses for a long time.

This Canon lens is the ease to use

The Canon L IS USM is an amazing simple to use lens. Attach to the camera, decide if you want to shoot with auto focusing enabled, or if you want to shoot manually, and away to go. In terms of controls, you have the ring control which Canon RF mount lenses have become famous for, and they have 2 switches on the side of the barrel that control auto and manual focusing and picture stabilization.

Image quality

The image standard is remarkable. The lens renders the best colors, sharpness is off the charts from f.28 and on, and the lens can generate some charming bokeh, which is a plus viewing as such wide-angle lenses do not generally make pleasant out of focus areas. From landscapes to documentary-style pictures, and from portraits to action, heck even sports shots, the lens is a powerful all-around performance. If you drop money on this glass, you will be happy with its full performance across the board.


  • Five stop image stabilizer
  • Little than EF equivalent
  • No apparent distortion


  • This is a huge lens

To sum up, Canon wants to set-top standards with its RF lenses, and the RF 15-35mm f/2.8 IS USM largely meets our guesses. It gathers quick focusing, sufficient sharpness across the frame, and no visible distortion when looking at true world images.

Review:Anker PowerCore, The best Portable Charger that stays by yourside in your Trip

Even though it is not near to the initial power capacity that power banks that have Panasonic battery cells can promise, the PowerCore 20100 + still does extremely well.

With its output power capacity of 16,080mAh, you will be capable to provide your smartphone about five full charges or much more if you have a smartphone that has little than normal battery capacity.

Tablets will have no issues charging fully and this goes for complete-sized and mini tablets.


Optimal speed

Current-stabilizing VoltageBoost and smart-charging PowerIQ technologies to get the quickest possible charge up to 2.4A per port.

Ultra-high capacity

With a capacity of 20100mAh, PowerCore + can charge a typical phone seven times without itself needing a recharge.

Quick charge

Despite its big capacity, PowerCore + can be completely recharged in eight hours by a 2.4A charger and the added USB to USB-C cable. That is twenty percent quicker than a typical charger of similar capacity.

USB-C compatibility

Capable of charging the fresh MacBook at 5V/2.4A. USB-C charging can be triggered by pressing the power Wheel.

Strong synergy

Anker specially integrates smart-charging PowerIQ and current-stabilizing VoltageBoost technologies, offering your gadget with the quickest possible charge up to 2.4A per port.

Premium components

The PowerCore + 20100 is built with just the highest-grade materials and circuitry and is given a premium aluminum alloy finish that makes it both amazingly attractive and relaxing to hold.

Multi protect safety system

Little circuit prevention, surge protection, and more latest safety specs keep you and your gadgets safe.


  • High power capacity that can charge tablets and smartphones many times.
  • Quick charging via each of its ports and it has a Max output of 6A. The type-C port can charge compatible gadgets and even MacBooks.


  • It is truly heavy and big, so it is not the most portable power bank.
  • It does not make sense to purchase if you are not using the Type-C port.

To sum up, there is a two USB charging port and the Type-C port on a little side of the power bank. On top of the power key and the power key has 10 LED power capacity indicators on top of it.

Charging starts when you link a device to the power bank, anyway, charging with the Type-C port is pretty different because you have to press the power key to make the Type-C port into an output port.

Charging mechanically stops either when there are not any gadgets linked to the charger or if all the gadgets linked to the power bank are completely recharged.


Review: Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Vlogging Camera

The initial step in Canons mirrorless evolution, the EOS R pairs a redeveloped lens mount and updated complete-frame image sensor for a special and sophisticated multimedia camera system. Revolving around the latest RF lens mount, the EOS R is poised to be the means from which to make the most of the latest series of optical and lenses technologies.

Targeting on the camera itself, the EOS R specs a high-resolution 30.3 MP full-frame CMOS sensor along with a DIGIC eight image processor. The mixture of these technologies provides a big range of sensitivity range up to a native ISO 40000, quick continuous shooting to eight fps, and UDH 4k30 video recording. Further to imaging, the sensor also facilitates the latest Dual Pixel CMOS AF system, which uses 5655 selectable points for fast and rightly acquiring focus. The focusing system is also sensitive down to EV-6 for working in amazingly dark situations.

Canon EOS R review Features

Canon RF lens mount

Starting with a new lens mount, the EOS R is the primary camera to support the Canons line of RF-mount lenses. This mount is characterized by its wide 54mm diameter and short 20mm, which promotes the capability to design lenses that are both quicker and little than their SLR equivalents. The mount also incorporates a twelve pin electronic contact system for more relax autofocus and image stabilization abilities.

UDH 4K video recording and canon log Gamma

Designed for special image-maker, the EOS R supports UHD 4k (3840 x 2160) resolution recording at up to thirty fps at 480 Mb/s, along with complete HD 1080p shooting at 60 fps with HD 720p at 120 fps for playback slow motion. When recording in-camera, 4K video has 4:2:2 sampling and eight-bit color depth, a 4:2:2 bit-clean output in ITU-R CT.2020 is easy when using an external recorder.

Dual pixel raw

First introduced with the EOS 5D Mark ID, twin pixel raw permits photographers to record all the information the sensors special pixel architecture can deliver, offering a way to perfect adjustment to be made after the image is taken.


  • It provides an ISO range of 100 to 40,000. This is the best news for those who frequently shoot in situations where lighting is weak.
  • It can drop-down to 6EV.


  • It lacks in-body stabilization
  • It has subpar video specs

End words.
The Canon EOS R has some remarkable specs, like its low-light performance, but it does come with drawbacks that can be an annoyance. As a complete frame mirrorless camera, it pales in comparison to its competitors.