10 Best Travel Apps You Must Have During Your Trip

Travel apps

If you love to log your trips but do not want to carry a travel diary all along, then let your mobile phone take over this job via helpful travel apps.

Here is A List Of Best Travel Apps You Must Have During Your Trip


Citymapper helps travelers find the best route to their place, providing the quickest routes and step-by-step instructions on where to find nearest train stations and bus.

Travel list

If you need a pretty help to pack rightly and not forget your toothbrush or charge at home, the Travel list application helps you simply organize the items you will put in your suitcase.

FlightTrack Pro

With more than three-thousand airports and 1,400 airlines, FlightTrack Pro has got you covered. You can manage your global flights with true-time updates using zoomable maps.

Google Maps

Taking Google maps with you is one of the top choices to explore fresh places. Public transit, traffic updates, city tour with 360-degree street view, plus a voice help, turn-by-turn GPS navigation are merely some of the specs this mobile app gives so you can navigate like a pro.


If you are a runner and want to stay in shape at your place. WalkJogRun provides you a big selection of the safest running routes in more than 1.6 million cities globally.


Kayak offers a quick comparison of 100s of travel websites on your smartphone or tablet. Some of the specs contain hotels, flight, and car rental deals, booking your accommodation, managing itineraries, tracking flight status, and accessing airline numbers and airport info.

One of the best Travel apps CityMaps2Go

Pin your key places as you pre-plan your route with CityMaps2Go. The application contains city guides for top cities, local tips, offline maps, from experts, millions of points of interest and contains subway maps.


On driving road tours, you will be happy to have GasBuddy at hand. It supports you find gas by place and price either in true-time on your phone or through its site if you love to plan ahead.

Hotel Tonight

This travel app expert in selling off same-day hotel reservations, often at steep discounts. It has choices to book in advance, too, but the top deals are same-day bookings.


With the LoungeBuddy application, you can find lounges in airports that let any person in for free. LoungeBuddy tells you not just the fee, but also what you can expect inside, from the drink and food to whether there are showers.

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