The Best 6 Cheapest Countries To Live In


Migration to difference countries is an opportunity to move to better working conditions, see the world, enjoy a mild climate and plunge into better infrastructure.

There are many places on the planet where you can live cheaply, without thinking so much about the expenses. This article presents the cheapest countries to live in on a permanent basis, expand career prospects or increase the level of personal comfort.

Pack your bags guys! Mystyletheory found 15 fabulous places where living is cheaper than we imagine. Of course, they all have their drawbacks, but living there is possible without difficulties.

1. Vietnam

Vietnam isn’t only a great countries for the budget traveler. The prices for housing and food in this country make you able to stay here for a long time without facing difficulties in living.

If you are a freelancer with knowledge of English, you have a great chance to find a decent position in local companies as a teacher, CSR, or you can work online with companies that are based in other countries.

Vietnam is rich in a variety of natural resources such as mountains, sea, exotic forests, and lakes that can make you spend your days there at an affordable price.

2. Bulgaria

Although Bulgaria is considered one of the budgets in Europe, it offers a good standard of living and great job opportunities in different fields such as tourism, education in English, IT which is popular in this country. 

Sofia is a beautiful city with history and low budget requirements. The price for a single room in the center starts at $ 350. It might be even cheaper in other small cities like Burgas and Plovdiv.

Moreover, Bulgaria known for its good health care, well-established transport infrastructure, and the peaceful environment inside the country. 

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3. South Korea

South Korean is the largest economies in the world, we good knowledge in English, you can find job opportunities in different fields such as IT, education, tourism. 

Its cities are quite similar to Vietnam or Thailand in terms of living. You don’t have to pay a lot of money when traveling to Seoul, Busan…They are suitable for permanent living.

You can easily find a decent apartment starting at $300/month, there are also some local restaurants where you can have lunch for $5 or more.

4. Thailand

It is not a country where you can find a job and live inexpensively. The mail focus of Thailand is tourism and they are doing a great job in this field.

Chiang Mai and Bangkok are popular and expensive places in the country. The rent of 1 room apartment starts at $200. With the same amount, you can find other choices near the center, a quite place to relax.

A $3 seafood lunch common in Thailand. You can also find other cuisines, western, asian and much more. If you are a freelancer, sure you can manage to live there with no difficulties.

5. Poland

Poland is a great place to live, this is country considered a one of the cheapest country in EU countries in terms of living with decent social infrastructure.

It has beautiful cities with a rich history and wide employment opportunities as large world companies continue their expansion in the east of europe, so there is demand for specialists in the banking sector, finance, education, IT, and services. 

If you don’t know polish, there is no problem, you just need to know english. Moreover, Poland is part of the Schengen zone, which means that there will

be no difficulties with organizing a Eurotour from East to West while on vacation. Or a weekend trip to Berlin.

In Poland, you can find an apartment for $ 300-400 near the center with good transportation and a couple of establishments nearby. Food are also affordable.

6. India

India rightfully falls into this rating about the cheapest countries to live in. This is a state where several hundred dollars a month are enough for a comfortable stay. Depending on the state and the size of the city, it is possible to rent a 1-bedroom apartment in the range of $ 50 to $ 250 (in the center of Delhi).

Again the language is not a problem, Indians can speak English as it is their first foreign language. If you have a long term project as a freelancer, you can take this place for living.

Food is also cheaper, you can enjoy different types of fruit, seafood and much more at a lower cost.

When planning to live in India, remember that the country has poor health care, there are areas with high crime, as well as poor internet.

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