3 Steps To Get Free Accommodation While traveling?


The most challenging thing that every traveler faces is expensive accommodation. Whether you are planning to stay in a hotel or hostel… you still can be charged so much money due to many factures such as the city or the country you are visiting, the peak season and much more.

In this article, I will share with you a strategy that is most travelers use to get free accommodation and save a lot of money on their trip.

In reality, some travelers sell their valuable stuff or maybe their houses, apartments to afford the expenses of traveling, also the expensive hotels.

On the other hand, we find others who don’t go through all this process and they travel whenever they like by paying their flight ticket and their food. Accommodation always free.

How they do that?

Many people join programs that allow them to be housesitters in a different city or country. In detail, Many families (homeowners) like to travel and spend months away from their homes but their main struggle is the security of their house and their pet if they have one. That is why they like if they got a reliable person who can stay in their home during this time and take care of their pet as well.

For this reason, there are some companies their role is to look for a housesitter to homeowners that can stay in their house and take care of their pet, in return the housesitter benefits from free accommodation.

Housecarers.com is one of the largest companies that was Launched in 2000. Since that time Housecarers matching homeowners with house-sitters. They are famous for their high security in matching homeowners with reliable homesitters who follow a strict guideline provided by the company.

What do you need to do if you want a housesitter?

This Service is dedicated to people who don’t spend much time in their houses and want someone to take care of it. If you are a homeowner and you are planning to travel for a month or more but you can’t find anybody to take care of your house and pets during your absence, you can register here https://www.housecarers.com/how-homeowners.cfm , for free, then start looking for your best match.

It is great to have someone at home who will take care of the house, and pets if you have one. Also, accept your mail, and pay your bills that you will shoulder their cost during your absence.

Housecarers dedicate this service to people who are willing to be housesitter for a specific period of time. You can register here https://www.housecarers.com/how-housesitters.cfm for a free membership, update your profile with your information, then start searching for a house to sit.

You will be able to select the location where you want to go, preferences, you can also select if you want pet care or not, and the period you are willing to spend (the period varies from few days to up to months). HouseCarers will send you opportunities that match your preferences and you will be found in the search result by the homeowners. However, if you want to apply for a housesit or respond to the messages you received, you will need to pay the membership fees which is $50 per year.

Where is the good point from this since you are not going to earn any income from that?

The concept of HouseCarers is Rent Free Accommodation in exchange for house sitting/ pet care.

So, if you are the type of person who likes traveling and spending time in one place, this service is great for you. You will only apply for the houses you want to sit in the country or the city that you like, once you get the offer, pack your things, and pay for your flight ticket.

Then the budget you were supposed to spend it on Hotels, you can use it for your food. This is a great save.

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