How To travel the world confidently and cheaply

travel the world

Do you want to travel the world confidently and cheaply without losing so much money?

You are in the right place.

Because today I’m gonna share with you Tips and Hacks on how to travel the world not only by paying less but also by being sure and confident about the step you are taking.

Below there 6 tips and hacks that help you travel the world and explore the beauty of our amazing planet at a lower cost.

The points we are going to discuss in this post are:

  1. Start with the cheapest countries.
  2. Look for free hosting or a cheap hostel.
  3. Choose the good timing to book a flight ticket

Let’s start with the first point:

1- Start with the cheapest countries

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a rich person to travel and explore this world. However, it needs action, and the first move from your side.

If you are on a budget and you want to travel the world, you need to come up with a plane. In another word, you need to make some search in advance about which countries you want to visit and calculate how much it will cost you in total.

Let’s say you are bored with visiting cities in your country and you want to try something new. For example, visiting another country for the first time. The first thing you need to start with is having a passport and check which countries you are allowed to visit without a visa. This is important as it will save you some Dollars.

Then, have a checklist of all places to visit in the world. I recommend you to start with Asia. Why? Asia is a continent full of beautiful and cheapest countries where you can spend a month at the cheapest price.

For instance, India is one of the countries that have many beautiful views to see besides the huge cultural differences that it has. I watched a Vlogger who rented a small Villa in Mumbai for $5/day.

Additionally, you can fly from India to other countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia quickly as they are close to each other, and all have an affordable and not expensive.

Another fantastic destination is Africa, specifically Noth Africa, you can choose to Visit Tunesia, Egypt, or Morocco the country I like the most.

The latter is one of the best, it has many beautiful places to see and enjoy, also their people are generous and you will not face problems in terms of food as they are cheap and affordable.

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2- Look for free hosting or a cheap hostel.

Of course, traveling the world requires you to find a place to stay which is acceptable and safe but it is not impossible. There are many cheapest hostels, hotels and accomodating families where you can sleep at a lower cost, but it is not always guaranteed. For this reason, you need to book weeks in advance to find a cheap room and avoid the peak season when the costs are high.

Since our topic is how to travel the world on a budget, there are many ways to find a free place to sleep when you visit a country. You can look at the following options.


It is a platform that enables people to offer their spare bed, couch, free rooms, and even a small space in their house to travelers who are looks for a place to sleep at night. The service is free. Also, the host families are usually open-minded. They like to have travelers in their houses to open conversations and know more about their adventure. People who travel the world experience many things and got a lot of things to say as well.

Couchsurfing is a good option for a short stay.

Be a Volunteer:

When you decide which country you want to visit.

Try to look for small organizations there or schools that can benefit from your skills, and in return, they can give you a free stay in one of their places.

There is a website called Aupairworld in which you can create your profile with your information and skill. Then you can contact families who are looking for someone with your skills. If you are a perfect match for them, they will contact you for sure.

Use your connections:

Yes, you can contact your family if they live in other countries, and check if they can accommodate you.

Similarly with your friends on social media. If you have friends from other countries, try to contact them. They might be a great help.

There are also some groups on Facebook in which you can find travelers. You might find someone who is visiting the same country you are planning to visit. It can be a great deal to get to know the person. Why not offer if you can travel together and share the expenses.

3- Choose the good timing to book your flight ticket

Meaning, you must have been planned for your trip 2 months before, so you can find a flight ticket at an affordable price. Farecompare recommends travelers to book tickets 7 weeks in advance, also avoid having a ticket on the weekends.

Of course, the cost of the tickets varies from one (flying company) to another. However, if you booked your tickets weeks before the date of travel, you will save so much.

Below some websites that can help you track the ticket price to book the cheapest one.

1- Farecompare: Is and airline ticket comparison and shopping website. You can compare the price through different companies to come up with the cheapest one.

2- CheapOair: You can book cheap airline tickets and benefit from great deals.

It is a great save for all travelers as it saves you time in searching for flights and saves you money especially when you use their discount coupons which can be found on the Rakuten website.

3- Momondo: It is a travel fare aggregator and travel fare metasearch engine. You cannot book through the website. However, Momondo looks for the cheapest flight and it directs you to the website that sells that ticket. It is not very safe as you will end up buying a ticket from a scan website. I think it is is not very safe, but if you are using it, you need to make sure the link you are directed to is trusted by making some research about it.

4- Skyscanner: Owned by Group which is the largest online travel agency in China. It is one of the best websites to book the cheapest flight. It does a deep search to get the best flight available.

The website also has many features such as multi-city searches, categorizing the flight by the best, fastest, and the cheapest. Besides, they always suggest the best month when the ticket is cheaper.

Share with us the tips you follow whenever you want to have a trip

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