8 Easy Ways To Deal With Low Self Esteem

self esteem

Low self esteem can be acquired in a specific age of peoples’ lives especially children and teenagers due for many reasons.

We all know that children and teenagers are in the most sensitive period of their lives that needs a lot of care, communication, and understanding to avoid any potential destructions in the future.

Unfortunately, some of them are not lucky enough and they start getting low self esteem because of their unsupportive parents who are always against their ideas and underestimate them.

As a result, the children lose trust in themselves, and they start feeling inferior to others which also makes them struggle to improve self esteem again.

Another fracture is the constant problems between the father and the mother, which affect negatively the children in the house. in that case, Children will not act normal as the others, because their mind is full of the scenes they live in their house, also they get no energy to join their friends to play or do some amusing activities and staying alone is the best ways for them to feel little comfortable.

Moreover, it will always give them the fear and stress that their parents might get divorced anytime and it will be like a nightmare for them. Equally important is the poor performance at school and the underestimation teachers have toward students might weaken the esteem of some of them.

The question you need to ask yourself now is: how to overcome low self esteem instead of how to deal with it? Below some ways to improve self esteem.

How to deal with low self esteem

1- Give up some of your bad habits.

Lack of self esteem lives on the bad habits people do every day. to put it differently, people need to give up those bad habits and change their lives.

In detail, If you lie, please don’t do it and be truthful. When the person lies it means he/she cannot face her fears and scared to confront people and shows low self-confidence as well.

What’s going to happen if you tell the truth? nothing, it will only show that you are not able to do something out of your will, nor giving hope to someone. Moreover, the person needs to stop watching tv all the time due to the low-value content sometimes that will affect your mentality especially those marketing programs.

Also, stop playing video games and use your time doing something else.

2- Stop seeking people’s acceptance and approval.

You don’t always need to be loved by the others or do something beyond your power to impress them or do what others tell you to please them, or maybe follow their rules in your life while they are neglecting your ideas and the way of your living.

On the contrary, building self esteem needs you to do what you think, choose your style of living, also being able to say NO when you are not able to do something, and stop being a kind person when you can’t be.

3- Never feel ashamed of doing mistakes.

Mistakes are proof that we are learning, therefore you never have to feel the shame when you do a mistake from time to time.

To clarify this better, all the software, apps, and services we are using has Developer Mode which is a version full of mistakes and it is tested by many users who report the errors to owners of the service or the app to fix it and make it better and why not perfect.

Our lives are the same, when we fall in mistakes, it just gives us solutions to make it perfect next time.

4- Improve self esteem by getting to know yourself.

You need to build self-awareness that you are a unique person, you are not similar to others, you don’t share the same thoughts, and never try to be someone else or even imitate someone. This will reveal the path for you.

5- Face your fears.

When you face your fears, you get a huge advantage in your life. It is an inspiration that allows you to take the step forward to something you want to do.

It also gives you control of your life, so when you want to travel, you do it without waiting for other’s opinions about your decision. Another example is when you have feelings for someone, you express it and you initiate it first without waiting for the other to take the first step.

So when you face your fears, you become the leader of your life and your create your ways to improve self esteem

6- Take time to make decisions.

In some cases, the person needs to take a quick decision especially when there is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. This is challenging sometimes.

However, when the person is not sure, and you get like hints that the step you are taking might wrong, it is better to deeply think about it. Always trust your gut feeling which is always correct and it can save you sometimes from being in trouble.

7- Surround yourself by positive people.

If you have friends who are bad influencers, I think its time to know new ones who are motivating and inspiring. The people around us play a great role to give us high self esteem by supporting us in a difficult time and always remind us how great we are.

8- You can do it.

One of the ways to improve self esteem is to believe that you are more important than what others think, you don’t need the love of the other people to do what you want, you don’t need the approval of the others to achieve your goals. You are responsible for your self. So, building self esteem, and building self-confidence requires you to do what you believe in.

To sum up, When you find your ways to improve self esteem it means you are on the correct path as it leads to self-confidence.

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