10 Stunning Places You Should Visit When Traveling To Taiwan


In this post, I would love to share with you some of the most beautiful places that must be visited when traveling to Taiwan. However, we need to stop by some incredible work that was done by the country during this pandemic. 

While the number of COVID19 cases was increasing dramatically in most countries, Taiwan is one of the countries which had the number of cases stable and they controlled the virus entirely. They also become a country with coronavirus free. 

For 1 month and a half, the number of cases is Zero. Therefore, Taiwan didn’t lock down the country, their schools, markets remained open, and people are enjoying their life normally. 

This incredible achievement was a result of the hard work done by the government and Taiwanese people who corporated and obeyed the law to get this outcome. 

Below, I’m sharing with you some Amazing places that must be visited when traveling to Taiwan.

1- National museum of marine biology and aquarium

It is the largest and the most impressive marine biology and aquarium museum with different underwater animals and fish.

2- Beipu old street

A busy street especially during the weekends, with a lot of stalls in which you can find different traditional food.

3- Wuling farm

It is an amazing area with an impressive smell. it is a place where you can enjoy nature. You can choose to camp there and spend several days enjoying the hiking trails and walking trails.

4- Yehliu Geo Park

It is quite similar to a desert with a variety of rocks in different formats. Some of them look like human heads. It is always crowded by tourists taking photos next to the rocks or enjoying the panoramic view of the place.

5- Leo foo Village Theme Park

A very good place which consists of a theme park and a Zoo. There is a bus safari that will give you an informative tour, and make you enjoy a closer look at the variety of animals. It is highly recommended for students and Kids.

6- Taipei 101

One of the highest skyscraper from its opening in 2004 till 2010. If you got a chance to enter the building, make sure to enjoy the outstanding view from the highest floor especially the sun-set.

7- Heping Island Park

It is not a big place but worth seeing. It has a very beautiful view which attracts many visitors daily. The strange rocks there looks like a human from far away. Just walking through its road built of stone will make you feel much better. The place is free of charge which is impressive.

8- Taroko Gorge

You need to spend at least 3 to 4 days in the place. It has many hikes at a different level. It is also known for its amazing views which will make you take pictures every minute if you are photos lover.

9- Qingshui Gliff

You can find the green trees, the blue sea and the white sand of the beach, as a result, you can enjoy a panoramic view that has different colors of nature.

10- Zhuilu old trail

You can enjoy the hiking there in the spectacular view of the gorges. If you want to enjoy the hiking, a prior application for the permit is required.

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