How To Spend Your Time During This Lock-down


This lockdown is a crisis that has an impact on most countries around the world. Many people cannot bear staying at home all this time for many reasons, even if it is for their safety in the first place.

Most people have lost their jobs during the lockdown and didn’t get any payment for their days off that makes them struggling and attempting to go out and break the law to find a living by looking for jobs in other places so they can cover their expenses.

On the other hand, we find other people who are financially settled, but they wish they could go out and spend time with their friends. For them, the house is such a boring place that cannot fulfill their desire.

There is another type of people who don’t care so much about this lockdown as it means nothing for them, staying at home or going out is the same thing for them.

These people like the calm without the trouble of visitors or people who are calling every time. The ideal thing for them is to spend time alone or with their closest family.

However, the majority of people are thinking about how to pass the time during the lockdown.

How to spend your time during Covid19

1- It is an opportunity to learn a new skill and master it

Use apps like Udemy, Alison, Coursera to find a skill you are passionate about and master it. You have a lot of free time during this lockdown, you can use if for your benefit.

For example search in one of the platforms previously stated for a course on how to create a WordPress website, you will find many courses that vary in terms of duration and cost, you can find free courses as well.

You just need to pick up one and enroll. Also if you can buy a host, it will be a plus to practice what you are learning at the same time. Alison has many courses from most known universities and they are all free, you just pay for the certificate if you want it to be sent to your home which is up to you.

2- Enjoyed spending the quality time with your family

If you are with all your family during this lockdown at the same house, you are lucky, and you must appreciate this gift given to you by God.

Many families are separated during this lockdown and they couldn’t travel to see each other. So since all your family with you, try to spend time with them, help them with housework.

Try to be the one who goes to the grocery and buy all the needed stuff, and the important, spend time with them with your family, communicate, express your feelings to them, try to know what they need, and let them know what you need.

Maybe this lockdown is a time to make a relationship with our family stronger. If one of your family stuck somewhere during this pandemic, call them or have a video call with them. Nobody wants to regret something in this life.

3- Read books that you are addicted to Podcasts

Spend some of your time reading a book that you bought and you never opened it, it will enrich your knowledge and it might inspire you to create a project after this epidemic ends.

If you don’t have books at home, there is no excuse, you can find one online, or you can subscribe to Amazon Kindle, just $10 a month will give you access to unlimited books and podcasts, there are other platforms that offer unlimited books for a reasonable price. You just need to take action.

4- Cook for your self and try new recipes

Everyone is concerned about sanitizing, so restaurants and food delivery are questionable at this time. Most people prefer to cook at home so they know what they are cooking, and that gives a chance to those who don’t know how to cook to take a step and learn it.

There are many tutorials that can teach you how to cook. If you know how to cook, try to improve your skills by trying new recipes, you can find various recipes on cookbooks or websites such as The Spruce Eats which has recipes for dishes from different countries.

5- Exercise daily at home

This situation we are in now will end soon, try to make some movement in your house or your room. You can exercise daily following your program. In case you don’t know, just type “How to Workout At Home” on Youtube and you will get a lot of videos, Instagram has many as well. You can choose the one you like and follow it daily to stay physically healthy.

To conclude, this lockdown is like a lesson that showed us the weakness of humans no matter the Scientific and technological development we reached till now. The most important things are to Stay Safe, Wash Hands, and Keep Distance.

Share with us what do you do during this lockdown

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