6 Principles For Self Improvement

Self Improvement

Every one of us comes to a day when they want to change their lives and improve themselves. Self Improvement cannot be achieved overnight. However, it is not something impossible. The hard word creates miracles.

Here are 6 principles for self improvement

1 – Set daily challenges.

It is not something difficult, it is like you have a goal and you want to accomplish it by planning for it. So setting daily challenges needs to plan for them. You can use a calendar either on your phone or create one online for free through Canva. You can also use just a paper and start noting down things you want to do or achieve during your day.
The challenges might be: (Waking up at 6 am every day, take a walk for 30 minutes a day, reading 50 pages from a book every day, have 20 minutes to talk with your friends, go to sleep at the same time every day). This is life-changing for you if you stuck to the calendar you created.

2 – Remain a student.

We are all students in this life. You must strive to learn new things, something you are passionate about. Try to always learn, it doesn’t matter how smaller it is but the important is the knowledge you get as it increases self awareness. learning is not limited to study books or a specific subject. just learning how to fix your home faucet is a great achievement.

3 – Reading is key to self improvement .

It must be one of your challenges to reading a specific amount of pages from a book every day. You might find it boring or maybe you feel that you can’t do it but you need to start improving your ability to learn, it increases self confidence. Many cheapest services provide unlimited books to read at a lower cost. Kindle books is one of them, just $10 subscription a month you will benefit from unlimited books to read plus Audible audio service at no additional cost. In addition to that, you will enjoy other content such as podcasts and more. You only need to start.

4 – Learn how to learn from your mistakes.

Who does not make mistakes in this life? Everyone does but the difference is how every person deals with the mistakes. Some people will consider it as a failure, and give up their projects, on the other hand, we find others who consider it experience and learn from that mistake to keep up and make it right in the future. All of us need to be the second example. Mistakes are just lessons and hint for the solution.

5 – Find a skill you love and master it.

You might don’t know how to find the skill that you want to learn but is it is not difficult. You only need to go to the Udemy website which can be an inspiration to find a skill that you will love such as (Coding, Building websites, Accounting…etc) Udemy has paid courses, the enrolment fees vary from one course to another. Sometimes Udemy gives a discount on all the courses in their platform. It also provides some free courses, you only need to type the name of the skill in the search bar, then click on the filter and check free, it will give you all the courses that can be enrolled for free, and I think it is enough to master a specific skill. There are also many courses on YouTube and they are free.

6 – Self Improvement needs you to prioritize your plans.

Your plans come first. You always need to stick to your plan and don’t let anything disturb your concentration but in case of emergency, you have no choice, you can reschedule your plan to the next day but never give up.

To sum up, the person needs to stop consuming negative information or whatever makes you down. Choose your path and go ahead.

Share with us the techniques you are using to improve your self.

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