Best Way To Set Goals And Achieve Them


The trouble with not having goals is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.

– Bill Copeland

Sometimes you feel like you are doing your best in this life, working or studying hard but you never accomplish what you wanted mainly your goals. This is mostly caused by the lack of planning and unorganized time also no focused goals which lead to a struggle in your life journey.

How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

Tip #1 is: List down all the ideas you have in your mind.

Start now, have a notebook or piece of paper, get your pen, and start writing down all the goals that you have in your mind. Goals don’t need to be SMART ones to note them. It could be just Wake up at 5 pm if you are struggling to wake up early during your life. So note every goal cames to your mind that you want to achieve.

Tip #2 is: Think about the Big Picture.

Did you list down your goals? That’s perfect. Now, you need to look at the big picture, which means that you need to think of the future. To facilitate this for you, ask yourself these questions. Who you want to be in 1,2 or 3 years from now? What status do you want to achieve? what is your dream in this life? Do you want to have a partner with whom you want to share your life? Do you want to live in a specific city or country? being surrounded by motivating and smart people? Learn or Master a specific language? In short, you need to be more specific about what do you want to be.

Tip #3 is: Narrow the list that you have.

In this step, you need to exclude all the goals that are not important and will only consume your time, or maybe it is just an obstacle that will restrict you from achieving the important ones. To filter the goals and keep only the important ones in your list, you need to ask yourself if the goal you are keeping is working for you? what is your motivation to accomplish it? Do you want to achieve it?

So when you minimize your list following this strategy, the outcome will be at least 3 to 5 important goals that you need to focus on and accomplish.

How to Achieve your Goals

This is the step in which most of us fail, is Achieving Goals. Most of us get unmotivated and don’t do a convincing effort to rise and achieve that status we were dreaming of. To get a positive resolve, precision is required. So if you want to achieve your goal, you need to follow the 3 tips below.

1 – Believe in yourself:

Yes, believe in yourself to achieve your goals, This is the first key to get a good result. You must stop believing what others think of you or believe about you, it is the first obstacle that you need to avoid. When some people hear about your goals or see little change in the way you are dealing with your life, they will come and unmotivate you and fill you with negative thoughts about your plans because they couldn’t do or take the step you did.

If you don’t want to end up being what others believe about you, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

2 – Make a schedule to work on your goals:

You need to set a time frame to get your goals achieved. Some of your goals might take years to be accomplished. For example, you are in th college but your goal is to become an Environmental Engineer or Petroleum Engineer, these jobs are not achieved in 2 years or 3, it takes many years but your goals are to study hard, go university, apply for a master degree or join Engineering university and the most important thing is to succeed in all the years to achieve what you wanted in time frame created.

You need to have a time frame for every goal in your goals planner, and it needs to be accomplished without exceeding it.

3 – Focus and Review your progress:

The discipline needs to be present which is the main cause of focusing on goals. If you are disciplined, sure you will make your best to stick to your schedule and nothing will change your gaze from what is important to you.

You also need to review your progress from time to time. For example, t the end of the week/month or years, go to your schedule and track your progress concerning your goals. By the same token, highlights the point you achieved and the point you still need to work on. As a result, the method will facilitate your work and motivate you when you see the progress you are making.

Share with us how you plan for your goals and which strategy you follow to achieve them.

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