The Best LifeStyle Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy

Healthy life

Besides having a life financially stable, the person is in need of a healthy life and enjoyable.

A healthy life is not about physical health only, it is about being emotionally and spiritually healthy that makes the person radiantly happy.

We cannot deny that happiness is following your heart desire. Some people find their happiness in working every day from 9 to 5, maybe because they love their work as it keeps them busy as much possible or it might be the work they were dreaming of.

Others find it in the amount of money they collect per hour or day to rank their social life and cover whatever they need.

We can also find some people who are just happy by having a job that covers their monthly necessary expenses but what matters for them is making sure to benefit from every day they wake up alive by spending time with family, friends, doing activities that keep them always fresh.

Here are tips for a healthy life

Wake up early:

The first benefit of waking up early to sleep early of course. Moreover, it allows you to have a long day to do multiple activities such as exercising or reading a book…etc.

If you are working and you need to commute, waking up early will save you from the stress of traffic as well.

Take a walk and get some sun:

Taking a walk every day under the sun needs to be taken into account. By practicing it you will feel its value.

I personally do it every day, I enjoy waking up early, take my breakfast, then meet my best friend and have a walk together through the forest, we enjoy the calm of the place, the view, and the different types of birds that are flying near from us.

It is the place where we leave our negative energy and release ourselves from stress. Another thing which we do during our walk is taking some oranges with us, they taste good under the sun.

Exercise and be active:

It is not necessary to join the gym or hire a coach. You can exercise by yourself following free coaching on YouTube Videos, you can also benefit from your morning walk and exercise for at least 30 minutes. Here you hit two birds with one stone.

Eat a variety of food:

You need to avoid fast food and replace it with organically grown food that is no pesticides or fungicides. Also, try to eat balanced meals that are a mix of Carbo/proteins/Vitamins-Minerals/Fats. Avoiding/reducing Red meat and replace it with fish will have a good effect on the body and health. In addition to that, the person needs to drink enough water daily.

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A healthy life is to Pray:

Always pray. It is a recovery for the body, it heals the heart and it makes it stronger. It is also a way to communicate what is inside to God who created us. Prayer involves mental and spiritual activity, it helps become less stressed and it frees your mind from negative thoughts and energy.

Spend time with your loved ones:

Keep yourself away a little bit from this virtual world and give time to your family and friends. Let them know what they mean for you and how much you love them so you will never have any regret later.

When reaching out to someone you love, by visiting or just calling for 10 minutes a day it will make you have peace of mind, and the more you do it, the happier you become. Life is short and we will never know the value of our closest ones till we lose them forever.

Watch sunrise and sunset:

There is no word to express the beauty of that natural view and how it will make you feel. The best thing is to see it. It is therapy.

Be giving and helping others:

It is not always about giving money to people who are in need to help them. It might be just a moment from your time you spent it listening to someone who needs to talk, help to fix the computer sittings for someone who doesn’t know how to do it.

That happens also be by helping the elderly by writing his letter to his relatives…In case you want to help with money for those who are in need, do it and you will be praised for that.

Being giving and helpful will make you feel better about yourself, it will help to improve physical health, you will also feel satisfied and happy with yourself. Another advantage, it will help you see the world differently.

Do something different every weekend:

The weekend is a recovery day for everyone who is working or studying also for those who are just sitting at home. In these two days, most families are free, that why you need to take advantage and do a different thing every weekend.

Let’s say this weekend, you went with your family for a picnic, next weekends meet your friends in a cafe or go to the park. the and so on. When you start having the different options to break the routine and you will never get bored.

Sleep well:

Basically means have enough sleep. You need to sure you sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night. It is considered life-saving because having enough sleep reduces the risk of diseases, improves memory, gets more energy to reduce depression also makes you feel happy.

Don’t smoke and No alcohol:

Avoiding these two things is better for your life, you will never get any benefit from them. Smoking will only cause you pain in your head and damage your health, and it is the cause of most cases of lung cancer.

On the other hand, drinking alcohol causes more damage to the body and is is the cause of many diseases. In addition to that, both smoking and drinking are just killing your pocket. You will never get any benefit from them. If you are consuming any of these, please give up now.

Put yourself first and Love yourself:

Sometimes, being a people pleaser it shows that the person is pure inside and wishes the best for everyone. However, most people don’t value this and turn up for that person to be heartbroken or emotionally abused.

For your mental and physical well-being, it is important to think of yourself in every situation you go through and put yourself first. Moreover, you need to love yourself and appreciate what you have. You can also work hard to achieve what you are dreaming of.

Set up goals:

Have a checklist and try to write down what you want to achieve in this life. It will keep you motivated and sure you will get what you want if you never give up.

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Start now and keep it up:

I love this saying “Do not postpone today’s work to tomorrow”

To sum up, To have a healthy life, we need at least to practice what we said above. This life is like an exam, we need to study an master all the subjects to success. To have a healthy and happy life, it just needs desire and little change in our behavior.

Share with us the tips you follow for a healthy life

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