Best 9 Food You Must Eat In Morocco


Marrakech or The Red City as it called due to the color on its buildings that is dominating the whole city. It is a Moroccan city and oasis located on the border of the Sahara Desert between Africa and Europe and to be more specific, it is located in Morocco. Since the dawn of history convoy created past years, turning the city for one big lively market to present until this very day unique colors, taste, and smells and an enormous amount of sounds

One of the famous places there called Jemaa El-Fna square, it is a place where you can taste Moroccan Dishes especially at night.

9 Food You Must Eat In Morocco

1 – Moroccan soup (Harira)

In Marrakech, they take the soup quite literally and in the morning, there are soup stalls everywhere in the square. The soup is caller Harira. It usually made of tomato, lentils, and chickpeas, but also includes meat, making it a filling and satisfying dish. The ingredient used vary from one family to another. It seems a bit odd but most people eat Harira along with some dried dates and some sweets called **Shabakya**.

2 – Couscous

Is one of the famous dish in Morocco, it is usually served in dishes made of Clay. The majority of Moroccans make couscous on Fridays which makes you smell its flavor in every street. The main ingredients are dry couscous, vegetables, and meat. After having the couscous steamed at least four times, it is served in the dish plus meat and vegetables on the top.

3 – Tagine

Sweet and salty tagines are popular in Morocco especially on occasions, with various key ingredients such as fresh or dried fruit. There are many types of tagines that you can taste in Morocco. Tagine of lamb only with some dried fruits such as prunes and almonds. Prunes can be replaced by raisins apricot. Another type of tagine is cooked in cookware or pot made of Clay. The ingredients usually Vegetables; some onion and carrots in the bottom and some potatoes and zucchini. You find it with chicken, lamb, or vegetables only.

4 – Beans Soup (Called Bessara)

We can call it the humble soup, which made of dried board and dried peas mixed together to give that delicious dish that is consumed mostly during the winter as it makes the body warm. It doesn’t take time to prepare it. After boiling the dried board and peas together with some garlic and salt till it gives a thinner form as a soup, we add some spices to it especially hot pepper and cumin and olives oil and we live it on fire for few minutes then it can be served in a plat or bowel. 

5 – Snail

This is the oddest dish you can taste in Morocco, It is called Babbouche as well. Its main ingredient is Snail which is cooked in a broth that containing multiple herbs and spices which makes it so tasty. It is served separately in two bowls, one contains the snail and the other the broth which needs to be drunk hot as it is warming the body due to the herbs it contains. 

6 – Orange Juice

Morning to midday is known to be as the time of Marrakech’s famous fruit juices. In the   Jemaa El-Fna square, you will find Oranges juice sellers, especially in the morning. This will make you confused about choosing one of them. Orange Juice is known for its quality, and it is popular among Moroccans and tourists. There you will get a hundred percent natural sweet orange juice without sugar or honey. The reason behind that is the oranges are from a warm climate, they stay in the tree longer until they become sweeter.

Besides all these, there some other cookies and biscuits that are famous only in Morocco and you need to taste them, which are listed below:

7 – Kaab el ghazal or Gazelle Hornes: 

It is cookies made of the Almond Paste plus orange flower water and other ingredients that give it flavor and good taste. It is usually a server during feasts, weddings, and ceremonies of a newborn baby. 

8 – Chabakia or Shabakia. 

The taste of this one depends on the quality of ingredients, so when the ingredients used are high quality be sure that you might eat 10pcs without feeling it. It usually has the shape of a flower that is fried in oil and coated with honey. It is usually consumed or served during Ramadan which is a religion even in Morocco.

9 – Sellou, Sfouf or Zmita, the name varies from one family to another

It is a nutritious sweet that doesn’t need baking, it is made of toasted sesame seeds, almonds which are mixed with roasted flour using butter. It is usually a server during Ramadan, in feasts, weddings, and ceremonies after a newborn baby.

If you have ever visited Morocco, let us know your experience with food by commenting below.

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